Our BC

The British Columbia I know is about opportunity, hard-work, and compassion. That’s what made our province leaders in the country, and the world.

I’m running to be leader of the BC Liberal Party so that the same endless opportunities that BC once had are there for future generations. 

We must commit to this promise — for my daughters, your family, and all British Columbians.

BC can be leaders again

BC once had an economy that was leading the nation. Our students once led the country in education. BC’s public health care system used to produce the best outcomes in Canada. We led North American in climate change by introducing the first revenue-neutral carbon tax. And BC once attracted record-levels of investment that created jobs in the Lower Mainland, throughout the Island, the Interior, and the North.

I want our children to grow up in a province where BC is leading the country — once again.

A people-driven economy

My approach to decision-making will always put people first. Debt-to GDP ratios or credit ratings are important but they’re not everything. We need to ensure that British Columbians, once again, see a rise in our standard of living with a tax system that’s fair and creates jobs, growth, wealth, and make life more affordable.

From retail storefronts to tech start-ups to value-added industries such as saw-mills, we need to provide the support they need so that all British Columbians can thrive here, particularly in the industries hit hardest by COVID-19.

Leading with compassion

The only way we can succeed is if we are all given the opportunity to achieve our goals. We must guarantee that our seniors have access to the services they depend on, ensure barriers facing racialized communities are torn down, and the right supports are in place for those needing help for their mental health and addictions.

Together, we can lead BC with bold, visionary ideas that will put us on the map as leaders, once again. Let’s go!