No farms without farmers: My plan for Agriculture

Kevin Falcon

Today is BC Ag Day in the Legislature and it’s important that we reflect on how the last four years under the NDP have made lives for BC farmers even harder.

We’ve seen farmers stripped of their rights, with more red tape and more expensive bureaucracy.

The end result is higher food costs for consumers and worse conditions for those who grow the food.

If we hope to have food security and a strong, prosperous agricultural sector, we need to start treating farmers, the people who grow our food, with dignity and respect.

There are no farms without farmers. No farms means no food.

That’s why today, I’m excited to lay out my five point plan on agriculture:

  1. Reform the Agricultural Land Commission to put farmers first
  2. Alleviate farm labour shortages
  3. Make British Columbia a national agri-tech leader
  4. Provide additional tools to support the ability of farmers to market and sell BC agricultural products
  5. Support the next generation of farmers in BC

BC has the opportunity to be an agricultural powerhouse and a leader in agri-tech with innovative approaches to farming — to produce high quality food products for British Columbians.

As leader, and as Premier, I will fight for farmers and farming communities, I will be an advocate for farms of all sizes.