The new NDP tax on truth.

Kevin Falcon

We know that nothing is free from taxation under the NDP — now that even applies to truth and transparency.

John Horgan’s NDP just introduced a new bill to change Freedom of Information requests. It will now cost at least $25 to find out where your tax dollars go.

At a time of increasing distrust in government, we should be strengthening access to information and increasing open data — not taxing it.

It is no surprise that the NDP have refused to be transparent and accountable to British Columbians.

Just last week, British Columbians received two reports that were heavily redacted — one about the causes of COVID outbreaks in hospitals, and another about the cost of the Massey Tunnel Replacement Project.

This truth and transparency tax is the 24th new tax in a long line of taxes from the NDP.

With the NDP, even the truth is taxed.