The NDP’s troubling lack of transparency

Kevin Falcon

In the early days of the pandemic, John Horgan and the NDP were praised for their handling of COVID-19.

But as far back as July, media outlets were beginning to question whether the NDP’s handling of the pandemic was as rosy as they would have you believe. We now have some answers as to why that might be.

report showed the number of concealed COVID deaths in 2020 could’ve been as high as 1,767.

Reporters have been stonewalled again and again by the NDP, even as lives were lost due to hospital outbreaks. All to cover up lax attitudes towards mask use, poor hygiene, and exposing COVID-positive patients to other wards.

That report also had 55 of its 79 pages redacted.

It begs the question, if we’re only learning about all this now, what are British Columbians still being kept in the dark about?

Mistakes have undoubtedly been made over the course of this pandemic, but hiding them is more dangerous.

At a time when it is absolutely critical that the public trusts their government, failing to be transparent and accountable undermines confidence in vaccines, masks, and public health orders.