My five-point plan for childcare

Kevin Falcon

Finding affordable childcare is a challenge for many families in British Columbia.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have the support from my wife who made the decision to stay home to care for our two daughters.

But many families don’t have that option. And finding affordable childcare has become increasingly difficult.

Over the last two years, we’ve seen just how heavy the burden can be when parents are both childcare providers while working a fulltime job. Making childcare more affordable helps families of all incomes and businesses of all sizes.

That’s why I’m committed to making it easier for British Columbia’s families to access childcare.

My five-point plan for BC’s parents and children will include:

  • Delivering $10 a day childcare for the families who need it the most
  • Build thousands of more childcare spaces by partnering with the private, public, and non-profit sectors
  • Support Early Childhood Educators with more training and competitive salaries
  • Make it easier and less costly to operate a daycare by eliminating unnecessary red tape
  • Provide expanded tax credits to support the childcare choices of parents

My five-point plan will create more spaces and reduce the burden of childcare costs for families around our province.

Investing in childcare is the right move and will allow families to thrive.

Families can’t keep waiting. The NDP promised $10 a day childcare back in 2017 and British Columbians are still waiting.

When I make a commitment, I make sure it gets done. If I’m elected Premier after the next election, I will put this plan into action on day one, and we will get it done.