Newsletter: I’m returning to politics because of my daughters.

Kevin Falcon

I am returning to politics because of my daughters. I want them to grow up in a province providing the best opportunities. I want them and all the children in BC, regardless of background, to have those opportunities too.

When I left politics in 2012, BC was ranked at the top of the nation in healthcare, education, and environmental outcomes. We achieved those things because we had an economy that led the nation and helped fund world-class services.

British Columbians deserve:

  • The best education that unlocks potential, encourages critical thinking and prepares our kids for the future.
  • The best health and mental health services for our families, friends and loved ones.
  • Clean air, water, and a focus on protecting biodiversity.
  • The choice to live in BC and not have to move away because they’ve been priced out of the housing market or are unable to afford childcare.

I’ll strive every day for a BC where kids of all backgrounds, from all across the province, are set up for success. I will be relentlessly delivering an economy that generates opportunities and focuses on improved outcomes.