MLA Mike Morris endorses Kevin Falcon for BC Liberal Leadership

Kevin Falcon

PRINCE GEORGE — Today, Mike Morris, MLA for Prince George-Mackenzie, endorsed Kevin Falcon to be the next leader of the BC Liberals. Morris’ announcement marks the first endorsement from a current MLA in the BC Liberal Leadership race. Morris released the following statement:

“I am pleased and excited today to announce my support for Kevin Falcon to become the next leader of the BC Liberal Party. My reasons are lengthy, but here’s three important ones:

Most importantly, Kevin understands what Principle-Centered Leadership is — a level of leadership I endorsed and practiced during my senior management years in the RCMP.

Principle-Centered Leadership provides confidence in personal decision making, but equally important, confidence in those who are affected by the decision. It reflects a strong moral compass.

Secondly, Kevin understands how to execute strategy – one of the toughest components of being a leader.

One only needs to look at the transportation megaprojects completed during his early years serving as a minister of the crown. He has since complemented his leadership skills and experience by serving as a senior executive in the private sector for the past ten years.

Third, Kevin understands that British Columbia possess untold opportunities by having access to the most diversified natural resources in the country, from the richest liquid natural gas deposits necessary in developing products to support our new clean technology to our world class deposits of copper, gold and other minerals, including rare earth minerals.

He also recognizes British Columbia’s unique and rich biodiversity and the need for a robust biodiversity management regime supporting a sustainable forest sector, increased tourism opportunities, wildlife management and environmental excellence.

Our party is navigating through transformational change.

We need a transformational leader. Kevin has the experience, the confidence and the energy to be that leader.

That is why I’m proud to lend my support to Kevin. I look forward to connecting with many of you over the next few months as we make the most important decision our party has faced in years.”