Falcon vows to renew BC Liberals with leadership bid

Kevin Falcon


PRINCE GEORGE – Kevin Falcon has announced his bid to become the BC Liberal leader, vowing to renew the party, and even floated a possible party name change on Monday night.

Falcon spoke with CKPG News who said party members would obviously have their say in a possible name change but noted a change in name is a chance to rebrand.

“That’s a great question because it goes to the very core of one of the reasons I’m running,” said Falcon.

Falcon said a name change would definitely allow the party to rebrand and refresh, to appeal to all types of British Columbians.

“I want to make sure we go out, and we appeal to diverse communities regardless of someone’s ethnic background, or sexuality, or social-economic background,” said Falcon. “I want them all to feel welcome in a BC Liberal party led by Kevin Falcon, and they will.”

This comes on the heels of the fall provincial election that saw BC Liberals lose 13 seats, and give the NDP a majority government.

The longtime BC Liberal and former cabinet minister said he would be leading the effort to recruit new members if he was chosen as leader.

Political Science Instructor at CNC, Chris Beach said the announcement is no surprise, and that Falcon should be considered a heavy-hitter.

Beach also questioned whether this will be what members want in a new leader and if it is more of the same.

Liberal party members will have their say when they choose a new leader for their party in February 2022.